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Since 1917, McGlinch & Sons has built up our clientele throughout Metropolitan Detroit and Southern Michigan and they have relayed on us for all their roofing projects. McGlinch & Sons roofing contractors have been performing roof replacements and roofing repairs for over a century, so they are good at what they do! Furthermore, our certified roofing contractors can exceed what our clients are looking for because they can get any roofing repair done with effortlessness. That’s why our roofing contractors are known throughout the city because they are go-getters and enjoy roof replacements and roofing installations. McGlinch & Sons’ roofing contractors are entirely dedicated to execute any roofing repairs or roof replacements that you may need. The Westland home and business owners come to visit us when they are in need of roof repairs and roof replacements because they have faith in our business.

Westland Roofing Contractor

That’s why when the homeowners of Westland are in need of roofing repairs or a roof replacement they go for the greatest roofing company they can find, McGlinch & Sons! For over a century our roofing contractors have been servicing the home and business owners of Westland when it comes to any roofing they desire because they believe in our services. We also know that searching for the right roofing company for you and your family can be an intimidating process because you want someone that you can confide in but you don’t have to search any longer. Our professional roofing contractors have had many years of experience and can help you every step of the roofing process. Westland, Michigan has a population of roughly 85,000 residents and is a city located in Wayne County. McGlinch & Sons designed our roofing business on honesty, integrity and fairness, and we use these core standards throughout our daily interactions with our Westland clients.

Westland Roofing Companies

McGlinch & Sons’ contractors can perk up your home’s character by updating your roof or by repairing it. We strive on bettering our roofing contractors by training them and by making sure our customers are satisfied with their roofing project desires. That’s why we are unmatched in this industry because our work ethic is through the roof! Therefore, our customers are grateful and will come to us in the future when they need their roof repaired or roof replaced. Best of all, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our shingles and a 25 year non-prorated warranty on our labor! And for more information on our roofing company, give us a ring! Here are the numbers to McGlinch & Sons, West Side: (313) 278-2777: East Side: (586) 776-8912 or Oakland: (248) 987-6300. Please ask about your FREE in-home estimate!

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