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The leading family-owned and operated home improvement company McGlinch & Sons was started in 1917 and that time we have been providing high-quality products to all of our customers living in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area and Southern Michigan Area. Not only do we offer our customer’s great home improvement services, but we also offer our amazing skylights as well. When our customers are in need of skylights they always choose the right skylights from McGlinch & Sons, rather than choosing skylights from anywhere else, because we are well known to have skylights that brighten any room with natural light while also filling the room with fresh air. When you have skylights from McGlinch & Sons such as VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights, VELUX skylights, and our distinct roof windows, you can enjoy the outdoors right inside your home. The skylights are more than likely to transform any room in your home or business into a very beautiful place making the value and quality of the overall home better than before. The skylights that McGlinch & Sons offers will provide you with stress-free installation and that makes it even better because the skylights are “5-Star Certified.” Our Allen Park customers always come to McGlinch & Sons when they are thinking about buying skylights because of the quality and style.

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McGlinch & Sons is known for continuously being on time and effective when doing a skylight installation. We get the job done right away and at a reasonable cost for our Allen Park customers. The customers of Allen Park know that our work and skylight technicians are always secure and professional. We offer our skylight installation and skylight products at a cost that works great for our customers. Allen Park, Michigan has about 28,000 citizens residing there, and is located in Wayne County. McGlinch & Sons is located in Farmington Hills, which happens to be located just 23 miles from Allen Park. McGlinch & Sons has a few different varieties of skylights that can suit every one of our Allen Park customers. The skylights range from residential skylight (such as solar powered skylights, manual venting skylights, fixed skylights, and electric venting skylights) to commercial skylights and sun tunnel skylights, both flexible and firm. It doesn’t matter the size, design, color or style of skylights, McGlinch & Sons has some of the top producing and stylish features that are long lasting. Our Allen Park customers value the sky lights that we have to offer.

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Whatever type of skylights our customer’s want, we will help them figure out the best type for their home. At McGlinch & Sons we offer plenty of skylight advantages, such as electrical lighting use, energy conservation, reducing expenses and cutting environmental effect. The skylight installation will do a huge contribution to increasing the worth of your property. The price of our skylight installation comes at a low rate for our Allen Park customers. Furthermore, the skylights could save you about 80% in light energy which will in time save you money. McGlinch & Sons is proud to be the one helping our customers save both natural environment and money. So regardless if it’s your house, commercial building or public building we can answer all your questions and help you determine which skylight is best for you. Call McGlinch & Sons today at: West Side: (313) 278-2777, Oakland: (248) 987-6300 or East Side: (586) 776-8912. The name to know is McGlinch & Sons, call today!

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