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Birmingham Fiber Cement Siding

McGlinch & Sons has been providing the best fiber cement siding to our customers all over Southeast Michigan since 1917! One of the main reasons that our customers continue to come to us for their cement siding needs is because of our outstanding customer service which has been in effect for over a century. McGlinch & Sons is dedicated to providing the best cement siding to the customers in Birmingham. We are a trusted and family-owned business that can provide you with generations of knowledge and skill. The fiber cement siding, cement board siding and cement panel siding are resistant to all of the weather conditions and is very low-maintenance. As a result of McGlinch & Sons’ outstanding customer service, our clients recommend us. So, if you’re looking for the best fiber cement installation in the Birmingham area then give us a call!

Birmingham Cement Siding

Our Birmingham residents prefer McGlinch & Sons’ fiber cement siding products and we are known in the Birmingham area for our loyal customer service. We know how to protect the homes of our customers from all types of weather conditions. McGlinch & Sons’ fiber cement siding, cement board siding, and cement panel siding will help safeguard your home from severe climates that Birmingham may end up enduring. All of McGlinch & Sons’ cement siding comes in a nice variety of styles and textures that will go along with any of our customers’ needs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality products!

Birmingham Cement Board Siding

McGlinch & Sons’ cement siding is also not flammable, fade-resistant, weather resistant and even hurricane resistant! Michigan gets severe windstorms, hailstorms and tornadoes so, fiber cement siding and cement board siding is perfect! Also, McGlinch & Sons’ cement siding is better than both vinyl and wood siding products combined! If you get fiber cement siding, then it will put an end to moisture from rain, snow, and humidity. It’s also impact-resistance against debris! McGlinch & Sons’ fiber cement siding and cement board siding is recommended by building codes for homes built in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. Call McGlinch & Sons at (248) 987-6300, for a variety of products and services along with excellent customer service!

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