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The successful family-owned and home improvement company McGlinch & Sons has been serving our customers all over the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area and Southern Michigan since 1917. We have always been known for serving our customers with top quality products. Not only do we offer home improvement services, but we also provide our customers with beautiful skylights that our competitors can’t. Our customers are always happy with the results of the skylights that McGlinch & Sons presents because:

  • Skylights can make any space look so beautiful by adding more quality and value
  • Skylights can also fill any room with a great amount of fresh air and natural light
  • Energy efficiency is also something that skylights offer
  • McGlinch & Sons’  skylights are “5-Star Certified” hassle-free installations
  • McGlinch & Sons’ VELUX skylights, VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights and also the roof windows will bring the beautiful outdoors right inside

Whenever our Clawson customers invest in our skylights they understand they are receiving more with McGlinch & Sons. They also know that the services will always be provided by our knowledgeable and experienced skylight contractors. You will no longer have to worry!

Clawson Sky Lights

McGlinch & Sons is based out of Farmington Hills, which is located a short 20 miles from Clawson. There are approximately 11,800 citizens residing in Clawson, Michigan which is located in Oakland County. Since opening our doors are company has had a good reputation for always being on time, finishing our skylight installation on time, having effective work and meeting our customer’s budgets. The customers of Clawson know that they can count on our skylight contractors to always be sincere, professional and respectful at all times. We provide our skylight products and skylight installation at a price that our Clawson customers can appreciate and manage to afford. At McGlinch & Sons we have a variety skylights for our customer to choose from ranging from residential skylights (such as fixed skylights, electric venting skylights, solar powered skylights and manual venting skylights) to commercial skylights and sun tunnel skylights both firm and flexible. No matter the size, style, design and color of skylights, McGlinch & Sons has innovative and top performing features for enduring good looks that our customers expect. We always make sure that are customers will never have to encounter an issue once the skylight products are installed.

Clawson Skylight Leak

There are many great things about the skylights that McGlinch & Sons has to offer; starting with the energy conservation, the much less electrical lighting use, lowering expenses and cutting down environmental influence. Your skylight installation may even help with improving the value of your property. The cost of the skylight installation is inexpensive, as well as being energy-efficient. The skylight may also help you save up to 80% in light energy! McGlinch & Sons continues to help our customers save both money and the environment. It really doesn’t matter what type of skylights our clients would like to have installed, we will always offer our assistance. If you have questions about getting the skylights installed into your home, public building or a commercial building, we will help you with deciding what is best. For more information regarding our skylights, contact McGlinch & Sons at: West Side: (313) 278-2777, Oakland: (248) 987-6300 or East Side: (586) 776-8912.

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