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McGlinch & Sons is a family owned and operated home improvement company that’s has been functioning for almost 100 years! We have been delivering the highest-quality products to our customers. While servicing throughout the Greater Detroit Metropolitan and Southern Michigan Area. We are recognized for our phenomenal home improvement services and for providing our customers with some of the most beautiful skylights around. With McGlinch & Sons’ VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights, one-of-a-kind roof windows and the VELUX skylights, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors right inside your home. One greater thing about skylights is that they can change any room into a stunning place just by bringing out its quality and value. Furthermore, if you’re looking to save on energy skylights will help you with that. Not only is the skylight installation a stress-free process but they are “5-Star Certified.” So anytime you’re ready to get way more for your money we are the place to call, we provide our customers with well experienced skylight contractors that are experts in this field.

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Garden City, Michigan is located in Wayne County, with approximately 27,000 citizens residing there. McGlinch & Sons is founded out of Farmington Hills and is located a short 20 miles from Garden City!  Our customers our proud to do business with us for many reason, one is they can rely on our skylight technicians to always be respectful, polite, sincere and professional. McGlinch & Sons has a wide selection of skylights to fit all customer’s needs, from sun tunnel skylights, commercial skylights both being firm and flexible, to residential skylights (such as solar powered skylights, electric venting skylights, fixed skylights and manual venting skylights). No matter the color, size, design and style of the skylights, we have the uppermost performing and innovative features that our valued customers come to expect in skylights. We also guarantee that our clients will not have any problems with their skylights once the installation is done.

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There are various advantages of skylights such as, electrical lighting use, reduced costs, energy conservation, and less impact on the environment. With McGlinch & Sons, you can depend on the skylight installation playing a role in increasing the value of your property. Not only are skylights more energy efficient, but the price of our skylight installations are affordable! A skylight can also help you save approximately 80% in light power. McGlinch & Sons will continue to support our customers in saving both money and on the environment! So whether you’re interested in a skylight for your house, a public building, or even a commercial building, we will support you with helping you chose a style that fits your needs. If you have any questions regarding our skylights or products then give McGlinch & Sons a ring at the following three locations: Oakland: (248) 987-6300, East Side: (586) 776-8912, or West Side: (313) 278-2777. We hope to hear from you really soon!

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