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McGlinch & Sons is the best GAF roofer in the area. At McGlinch, we didn’t just get a reputation for excellence from thin air. We built it carefully, roof by roof. At McGlinch, we believe that the best way to gain a reputation as a reliable GAF roofing contractor is to use a certified GAF master elite contractor. To become a GAF master elite contractor, a person must have seven years of experience, a history of customer satisfaction, excellent credit, and significant liability insurance. This means you can trust a GAF master elite contractor!

Lake Orion GAF Roofing

When you choose McGlinch as your GAF roofer contractor, you can rest easy knowing that your roof is in good hands. If you live in or near Lake Orion, Michigan, McGlinch is the GAF roofer for you. Located in Oakland County, Lake Orion is home to 2,973 people. Lake Orion began as a resort town and has since developed into a village. For many years the residents of Lake Orion have been able to trust McGlinch as the GAF roofer that can get the job done right. McGlinch is only a phone call away!

Lake Orion GAF Roofing Contractor

When you decide to take the plunge and buy a new roof, it is imperative to make sure that the GAF roofer you choose can handle the job. Making sure that a certified GAF master elite contractor is involved is the best thing you can do to guarantee the quality of the work. At McGlinch, we believe that a GAF master elite contractor can make the difference between a substandard job and one that goes the extra mile. If protecting the things under your roof is important to you, call McGlinch & Sons today to set up your free consultation!

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