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McGlinch & Sons is renowned around the area since 1917, as a major family-owned and operated home improvement company ever since 1917.  Since that time, we have been consistently offering premium products for our customer’s living through the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area and the Southern Michigan Area. Area customers have a tendency to opt for McGlinch & Sons over any the competition solely because we’re regarded for our skylights that lighten up rooms with a good amount of natural light while filling up the room with refreshing air.  Any time picking McGlinch & Sons’ VELUX skylights, VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights and our roof windows, you can enjoy the great outdoors right inside your wonderful home.  Further, the skylights will convert any room in your home into a spectacular place by improving its overall quality and value. Also, it will preserve energy and also provide you a stress-free installation making it much better because the skylights are “5-Star Certified.” That’s why when our customers request skylights, they contact McGlinch & Sons!

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Milford, Michigan has about 6,200 individuals taking up residence there and is found in Oakland County. Farmington Hills is where McGlinch & Sons is based and is just 20 miles from Milford. Our company has a good reputation for being on time, supportive and getting our skylight installations in right away.  Milford customers are aware that our skylight contractors will constantly be ethical and very professional as well as our skylight installations are hassle-free.  We would like to make sure that our customers can manage to pay for their skylights, which is the reason why we always meet their spending budget. McGlinch & Sons features a variety of skylights for each of our Milford customers from residential skylights (such as electric venting skylights, solar powered skylights, manual venting skylights and fixed skylights) to commercial skylights and sun tunnel skylights, both being firm and flexible.

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McGlinch & Sons has been giving remarkable home improvement services to customers and are known for the beautiful skylights.  Despite the type of skylights that our customers go with, we’re always available to assist.  The numerous benefits of skylights consist of less electrical lighting use, decreased costs, energy efficiency and cutting down on the environmental effect.  Any time picking McGlinch & Sons, you can rely on your skylight installation to increase the value of your property.  The fee for the skylight installation is low-cost, and the skylight may actually assist you to save about 80% in light energy.  Whether you’re looking to get skylights installed into a commercial building, residence or a public building, we will help you pick what design works for you. Get in contact with McGlinch & Sons today for more information: Oakland: (248) 987-6300, East Side: (586) 776-8912 or West Side: (313) 278-2777. If you are looking around for skylights, then McGlinch & Sons is the place to get in touch with!

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