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The family owned and operated home improvement company McGlinch & Sons has been open for almost 100 years and has been providing our customers with excellent products for all of them. In addition, to providing skylights, we also provide our customers the top home improvement services. Customers throughout the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area and Southern Michigan prefer to use our skylights, rather than the competition solely because our skylights:

  • Are known for giving outstanding energy-efficiency
  • Can turn a regular room into a beautiful area that will bring more value and quality to properties
  • Have a “5-Star Certified” stress free installation
  • Fill rooms with fresh air and natural light
  • McGlinch & Sons’ VELUX skylights, VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights and roof windows will bring the gorgeous outdoors inside your home.

Our customer love purchasing skylights from us because they know they will always get more bang for their buck! They are also pleased to know that they will get the finest skylight installation services from our expert skylight contractors.

Oakland Township Sky Lights

McGlinch & Sons is known for our punctuality, effectiveness and making sure we finish our skylight installations promptly and at a price our customers can fit into their budget. That’s why our Oakland Township clients enjoy our services. Oakland Township, Michigan has approximately 16,700 people and is an affluent charter township on the north of Oakland County. Farmington Hills is where McGlinch & Sons is located which means that Oakland Township is only 34 miles away! When we send our experienced skylight contractor out to our customers home they always show up dutiful, truthful and skilled because we know our customers value their time and business. Moreover, McGlinch & Sons has a mixture of skylights that our Oakland Township customers can be satisfied with ranging from residential skylight (such as fixed skylights, electric venting skylights, solar powered skylights, and manual venting skylights) to sun tunnel skylights and commercial skylights both firm and flexible. We also make sure that our customer never face a problem with their skylights after the installation is completed.

Oakland Township Skylight Leak

We have the top producing and beautiful features that you’re looking for in a skylight and it doesn’t matter what type of skylights you are interested in, we will help! There are various advantages of skylights, such as less electrical lighting use, energy conservation and lessening the environmental impact. McGlinch & Sons’ skylights are energy efficient with a price that is much more affordable. The skylights will also help you save about 80% more in light power and who wouldn’t be happy with that! McGlinch & Sons will continue to help our customers save on both money and the environment. If you’re interested in skylights for your house, public building, or even a commercial building we are here to assist you in finding what type is best. If you have any more questions regarding our skylight installations and skylight products please don’t hesitate to call us at the following: East Side: (586) 776-8912, West Side: (313) 278-2777, or Oakland: (248) 987-6300. 

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