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McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements is family owned and operated serving southern Michigan for four generations through top rated exterior home construction projects. Our home improvement jobs include everything from windows, skylights, siding, stone, roofing, doors, gutters and decks. McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements has several roofing jobs we are ready to fill for those looking for work. We look for employees who are dedicated to bringing a level of professionalism to our home improvement jobs that McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements has carried out through its years in business. For those who are ready and willing we offering competitive wages and a commission structure for all roofing jobs. Our current positions range from installers, laborers, technicians and sales. Visit the McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements website to apply or call us if you’re looking for roofing jobs in Troy, MI.

Roofing Jobs Near Troy

Troy, Michigan is a city of 81,000 people located in Oakland County. Just 24 miles southwest of Troy is Farmington Hills, which is home to McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements. McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements has had the privilege of working on numerous exterior home improvement projects to southern Michigan residents. Many residents have also been able to find their roofing jobs through McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements. If you’re on the hunt for roofing jobs in Troy be sure to check out McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements before making any commitments. We are currently hiring and have provided top of the line work for 100 years to residents of Troy. McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements is licensed, insured and a certified contractor by our manufactures which gives client confidence hiring us for their exterior home improvement projects. If it’s competitive wages and opportunity that you are looking for then apply on our website for our roofing jobs.

Roofing Jobs In Troy

McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements has been in business for 100 years through four generations of family making customer service so important. Our staff in trained routinely to ensure they are confident working with our clients and giving our employees the opportunity to accomplish their excellent work. If you are in Troy and looking for roofing jobs then contact McGlinch and Sons Home Improvements. With our competitive commission structure we are an excellent choice. We provide an ethical work environment for our employees to thrive so we can continue to take pride in the work we offer. To see our list of exterior home improvement and construction jobs including roofing jobs call us now at (248) 987-6300 in Oakland, (586) 777-8912 on the east side, or (313) 278-2777 on the west side or apply on our website.

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