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Wixom Fiber Cement Siding

McGlinch & Sons has been providing incredible services to customers going all the way back to 1917. Our primary concern for over 100 years has been customer satisfaction, and that’s why we have been in business for so long! James Hardie siding is known for being America’s #1 Brand of siding. Fiber cement siding and cement board siding will help improve the durability and safety of your home along with the exterior beauty! On top of that, fiber cement siding is very low maintenance, and it’s entirely resistant to most weather conditions, even hurricanes! Whenever any of our Wixom clients are browsing around for the very best cement panel siding in the industry, they always go to McGlinch & Sons! That’s because we have exceptional cement lap siding, cement panel siding and cement board siding.

Wixom Cement Siding

Wixom residents are aware of the fiber cement siding products that will protect their homes during extreme weather, including the harsh winters this region is known to endure. Wixom, Michigan is a city in Oakland County and has a population of around 13,000 people. McGlinch & Sons is always the first destinations of Wixom locals when they are looking around for the best cement siding products that will give their home strength, durability, and elegance. McGlinch & Sons’ fiber cement siding, cement lap siding, cement panel siding and cement board siding comes in a large variety of styles and textures to adhere to our customer’s desires. Contact us today for the best fiber cement siding!

Wixom Cement Board Siding

Also, McGlinch & Sons’ fiber cement siding surpasses both vinyl and wood siding, and cement is five times thicker than vinyl. Our fiber cement siding and cement siding is noncombustible, fade proof and weatherproof! With its impact-opposition against hail and windblown debris, our fiber cement siding is frequently used for buildings in or around hurricanes, wildfires, and tornado-prone areas. Our fiber cement siding, cement board siding, cement lap siding and cement panel siding are always the number one choice for Wixom residents. If you want the best cement siding in the industry, then contact McGlinch & Sons today at (248) 987-6300!

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